Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

john statueQuestions and Answers (Q & A) about the Community of John XXIII

Q. I read about the Community of John XXIII  in the May/June 2005 Corpus Reports. What's it all about?
A. Think of John XXIII as the spiritual arm of Corpus.  Its focus is on the spiritual rather than the ecclesiastical or political.

Q. Practically, what does that look like in daily life?
A. For members of the community of John XXIII prayer is paramount: prayer for other members of the community as well as for the mission of John XXIII, to be an  ecumenical witness that Jesus' prayer that all may be one (John 17:11) might become a lived reality in our day.

Q. I read in CR that there is a community dimension to John XXIII.  What would that look like?
A. Members of the community share a common life/vision by committing themselves to three vows: Frugality, Fidelity and Solidarity  which correspond to the historic vows  

Q. Can you tell me more about mission?
A.  Members of John XXIII will be expected to have a mission/ministry unique to their particular life situation/calling.  Sometimes referred to as apostolic work it may include service in traditional pastoral and sacramental ministry as well as many other forms of Christian service.  Particular missions will be identified in dialog with the community.

Q.  Do you have to be ordained to be in John XXIII?
A. No, you don't. There is no reason non-ordained Corpus Members could not be  vital members of the community.

Q. What might mission/ministry look like for non-ordained John XXIII members?
A. Commitment to work in a soup kitchen once a week, visiting the sick or infirm in a nursing home,  teaching a religion class in the local parish, or teaching/tutoring the needy are examples of apostolic work appropriate for John XXIII members.  

Q. What about ordained Corpus members?
A. That's where John XXIII's conversation with the Ecumenical Catholic Communion comes in. As the CR article indicates the ECC is an Old Catholic Church with valid orders and apostolic succession. Any John XXIII members who's call is to sacramental/pastoral ministry would be free to enter into a relationship with the ECC to receive faculties to function ministerially in the ECC. It is understood that such John XXIII members would function in their identity as Catholics in the ECC. Check out the ECC link on the Corpus website.

Q.  What if I were involved with another ecumenical church, not the ECC. Could I still be a member of John XXIII?
A. Of course. Since John XXIII members have their unique missions/ministries, it's entirely possible that members might come from any of the ecumenical churches. Corpus/John XXIII and the ECC are initiating this new ecumenical relationship. Neither intends to limit the activity of the Holy Spirit.

Q. How can I find out more about the Community of John XXIII?
A. Continue to check out the Corpus website  and "click" on Community of John XXIII. Also watch for forthcoming information in Corpus Reports.




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